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Hailing from the vibrant and diverse Dutch music scene, Yung Internet is a dynamic duo that pushes the boundaries of hip-hop and electronic music. Prepare to immerse yourself in the bold and boundary-pushing sound of Yung Internet as they bring their infectious energy to IOFestival. Get ready to vibe and dance!
Bumble B. Boy is a failed children's party entertainer, hoping to make it big in the Dutch music scene with his signature blend of energetic solo live performances and weird-punk. Expect nothing, & accept everything from Bumble B. Boy as he convulses on stage to rhythmic punk beats.
So, now that the geek squad is satisfied, let us focus on the crazy club kids. SUBFICTION provides your naughty nightly escapades with some of the most sub-soakin’ breakbeats and flashy, futuristic visuals (I see you, you after-freaks, bassheads and rainbow ravers!).
Starting her career with ghetto house sets, she was notable on the few who put this sound back on the map in Rotterdam. Nowadays, she loves switching it up between trance, bubbling, electro, and trippy tribal techno sounds.
Tina TurnUp is a force to be reckoned with in the world of electronic music. Hailing from Rotterdam, Tina has been setting dance floors on fire with her high-energy DJ sets and genre-blurring sounds.
Gritty hip-hop beats, soul drenched lo-fi instrumentals and uncovering lyrics. Keenan Mundane tells you his story in this brand new saga, packed with nothing more than a mic and sampler.
Introducing Luna Maki, the captivating psychedelic afro band with an irresistible fusion of groove and flow. This electrifying band led by the mysterious front man The Maki, will take you on a journey inside your mind.
Breakbeats, Acid dubs and deep African Disco cuts. Simultaneously tapping into a musical lineage that traces back to his Cape Verdean roots by taking the crowd on a journey with surprising rhythmic turns.
The most flamboyant chicken quartet gets to leave their coop. They will take you on an energetic trip full of musical stories. Shake off your feathers and dance your thighs to hot steaming records to give you goosebumps.
At the heart of Amsterdam's vibrant underground music scene, Gyatso emerges as a dynamic force, captivating audiences with his electrifying sets that traverse techno, hard groove, gabber, and trance.
Their passion for drum and bass is expressed through energetic performances, self organised events and live recorded mixes on distinct locations. Simon will unleash his darker side in a solo performance.
Known for his signature blend of minimal and harder techno grooves, D:LOF will be brewing up an electrifying atmosphere that'll keep you moving from start to finish.
Delft based techno DJ.
Take a drummer and a bassist with a McCartney-esque sense for choruses and add a healthy dose of synthesizers. The result: My Girlfriend.
A great passion for real house is what brought these two friends together to play records. Under the name KAUD, they try to share this taste in music with others. Expect hard basslines and energetic melodies that you can dance to!
Jerry Scherry, a Dutch artist, brings his captivating synths to life, promising to get you moving with his infectious rhythms and dynamic electronic beats.
Techno Koffie is now a recognisable name among the techno lovers in Delft. Our resident djs and new talents never miss to provide good vibes, thanks to a recognisable groove ranging from melodic, trance, acid and hard techno.