The 37th edition of IO Festival is coming your way! The craziest annual student festival in the Netherlands is going to take place on May 17th 2019 at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at the TU Delft. More than 1600 students and employees will come and enjoy a wide variety of bands, DJs and other performances on four different stages for 9 hours long. The theme, Serendipity, will turn the faculty into a home for all kind of wonderful things, which you will find when you are not looking for them. See you there!

•  The doors close at 23:30
•  Entrance is only granted to persons aged 18 and over
•  Coins can not be refunded to euros
•  Coins can only be paid by pin
•  Entering the festival terrain is entirely at your own risk
•  ID study association is in no case responsible for damage to visitors or visitor goods
•  The maximum size of a bag is A4
•  Smoking inside the faculty is prohibited
•  The IOF wristband is only valid with the white closing system
•  All tickets are non-refundable
•  The organisation is free to search you and your belongings before entering the festival
•  The organisation can prohibit your entrance when you are too intoxicated by alcohol
•  When noticing irregularities (like falsified tickets, trying to sneak in) the police will be notified
•  It is prohibited to take the following items with you on the festival area: food, drinks, glass, plastic bottles, (fire)arms, dangerous objects, and professional photo- and film devices (such as DSLR cameras or action camera devices) on the festival area
•  It is prohibited to take (party)drugs on the festival area. When noticing the police will be notified
•  The programme is with a proviso
•  It is obligatory to follow the instructions of the IO Festival staff
•  It is prohibited to spread flyers or posters on or near the festival area
•  It is prohibited to take pets with you
•  In violation of the rules above or the, within the TU applicable, rules, standards and values, the organisation is allowed to eliminate visitors from the festival area

IO Festival
Landbergstraat 15
2628 CE Delft
+31 (0) 15 278 3012

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