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21 may 2022

And with the sunrise, we end this year's IOFestival. Thank you for coming to IO Festival Pendulum 2022!

20 may 2022

We had an amazing time and we hope you enjoyed it too. Special thanks to the TOC, B49 & KB50, Kafee, Foto, Vidio, PRID and everyone else who helped! We couldn't have done this without you!

20 may 2022

Our headliner Fokke Simons!

20 may 2022

A look at the mainstage!

20 may 2022

Tonight is the night!

18 may 2022

The mainstage is being build!

16 may 2022

The buildup has started!

7 may 2022

Klusweekend number 8!

9 april 2022

Klusweekend number 7!

6 april 2022

Thank you so much every-body! Never before has IO Festival sold out so quickly!

6 april 2022

Today at 18:00, the ticketsale starts! We are ready, are you?

3 april 2022

Sticking posters in the city. The ticketsale is coming!

2 april 2022

Klusweekend number 6!

1 april 2022

Fokke Simons will be a headliner in the line-up of IO Festival 2022!

25 march 2022

This weekend we went on IOFakantie in France. Enjoyed the peace before the busy time starts!

12 march 2022

Klusweekend number 5!

26 february 2022

Klusweekend number 4!

23 february 2022

The second winner of the Band & DJ Contest is BMLé BMLé! Thanks everyone, we really enjoyed it and we hope everyone else did too!

23 february 2022

The first winner of the Band & DJ Contest is Constellations of Atlas!

23 february 2022

The Band & DJ Contest just started!

22 february 2022

Sneakpeek of the decoration!

19 february 2022

Klusweekend number 3!

16 february 2022

On February 23th we will organize the Band & DJ contest! Do you want to see your favorite artist at IO Festival 2022? Drink some beer and come vote at ID Kafee from 19:00 till 00:00.

21 january 2022

Save the date! The 40th edition of IO Festival will be held on 20 may 2022!

22 december 2021

Here it is! The theme reveal of IO Festival 2022.

40 november 2021

We are the 40th IO Festival committee and we are really excited to get started!